Stripes on Stripes

What do you do when you have a couple weeks off from school as a fashion design student, before you’re about to start a semester of really intense sewing?

If you’re me, that would be sew! I’ve got to have some new outfits to choose from to wear to fashion school, after all.

While looking at some of my fabric from the thrift store haul a couple weeks ago, the red and white striped fabric was calling to me to make a pencil skirt. I love how fast and easy these knit skirts are to make, and they’re also comfortable to wear. I used the pattern from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual that I shortened to knee length.

Thanks to careful cutting, I still had enough fabric to make a matching top. I browsed through my pattern box to see if there was anything inspiring in there and found Simplicity 1377. I liked the drop shouldered crop top as a coordinating piece. I’d already sewn the pants from the pattern in the past and was missing the instruction sheet, and it was great to still be able to sew it together without a second thought.

Since the pattern was for wovens and I was using a knit I decided not to cut the facing pieces and stitch it down at the neckline. I may have gone with a binding if I’d known the difficulties that I’d have with it, but once I steamed and pressed the neckline after sewing, it looks okay. I also managed to make the stripes spiral the way they meet in the back but it’s very hard to notice and the front isn’t like that.

This was a good project to get to use my serger on and try it out some more. It’s amazing how much more finished and professional it makes a knit garment seem to have those serged seams. I can’t wait to really learn how to use this machine for all it can do.

Striped t-shirt and skirt

Stripes on stripes.

There are a lot of things I love about this outfit, but one of the best things might be that I made it, and the fabric only cost me $1.


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