Sew Refashionable: Rayon Skirt from Double Layer Dress

This latest refashion comes from a rayon dress I found at the thrift store. I went looking for something rayon in particular because it is such a soft and comfortable fabric and I love the way it feels against my skin. I found this double layer dress:

Rayon dress

Not a style I’d want to wear right now….

This dress offered lots of material to work with, having two complete layers of fabric, but I wasn’t fond of their current configuration, and the dress was also too large for me.

rayon dress back

View from behind.

This refashion used the bottom of the under dress portion, which was a full sleeveless dress beneath the other portion of the fabric once I took it apart at the seams. I cut it across where I wanted the waistband to hit. I used a skirt pattern I had to trace out new side seams so it would be more fitted, and enlarged the darts for a closer fit, and had a new skirt that my cats wanted to help me model.

New rayon skirt.

New rayon skirt.

Jealous of Bella Luna coming into the shots, Epie wanted in as well.

Okay cat, you can be in the picture too!

Okay cat, you can be in the picture too!

rayon skirt

A better picture showing the color and pattern of the skirt.

Here’s a look inside the skirt, and you can see the invisible zipper in the back and the bias tape I used to finish the waist:

Bias tape waistband and an invisible zipper.

Bias tape waistband and an invisible zipper.

Overall, I am happy with this comfy new skirt I have to wear, and I still have a lot of fabric left from this dress to create another piece or more.

Phototastic-8_29_2015_7eddeb91-8a1e-4677-8921-8d9e66df221d (1)


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