A New Designer Bag!

I have a great new designer bag!

That is, a great new bag for a designer, and all the stuff they have to carry around. I have lots of rulers, rolls of paper, and bolts of fabric to bring back and forth to some of my classes, and the tote bag I was transporting them in way not working well. It was a short, wide tote bag trying to carry long, narrow things and it was not good at that particular job. I needed a tall, more narrow tote for what I carry, so I took a piece of upholstery fabric I had in a bag of fabric from the thrift store I knew could be the perfect bag.

I made this bag about as simple as possible. It’s one piece of fabric, stitched up the sides, then turned down at the top edge and stitched, and stitched across the bottom of the bag to create corners like so. Super easy! I cut some webbing I have for the straps, making them the perfect length so the bag can side on my shoulder and a bolt of fabric can fit under my arm.

DIY Designer's tote bag

Designer’s Tote Bag.


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