My Favorite Skincare Product Ever

I will say it outright: I am not a big beauty product person. While I’m not totally opposed to all of them out there, most of the time when I look at them, this song plays through my head:

I have very sensitive skin, so a lot of times products end up irritating my skin and making it worse off than it would have been without having spent money on something that may not only hurt my, but also the environment if it’s something containing microbeads. Lets just say, there are a lot of reasons I don’t trust the companies profiting off such products to have my best interest in mind.

So, what is favorite product? Witch hazel.

witch hazel and cotton balls

Witch hazel and cotton balls, my skin saviors.

The witch hazel I buy is somewhere around $2 for a 16 oz bottle, which usually lasts a few months. I just buy the cheapest generic, which are usually about 14% alcohol. That can be a little bit drying on your skin, and some people prefer brands that are pure witch hazel. Those brands are a little more expensive but still very affordable compared to the prices of many skin care products. I may try a 100% witch hazel formula when I use up the rest of mine to see how it compares.

I use a couple cotton balls dampened with witch hazel in the morning and before bed and swipe them over my face. Since I’ve started using witch hazel pretty much exclusively, I have a lot less acne and the blemishes that do show up don’t usually get the chance to get very big and go away a lot faster than when I used more expensive, harsher products.

skin from witch hazel

My face right now, full of moles and freckles but not acne!

Another benefit for this method is how easy it is, and convenient. You don’t need running water, or clean towels to dry your face off with, it’s really fast, and it WORKS. Oh, the time and money that can go in to trying to find something that actually works. This isn’t much money to gamble, if it doesn’t work for you.


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