High Style


Today’s the last day to see the High Style exhibit at the SLCC South City campus. I checked it out last week to ogle the pretty vintage garments, with clothing from the 1890’s to present on display.

The evolution of style over time has always been interesting to me, so these kind of exhibits are fun to see. They also accompany the garments with descriptions of key events of the era they are from, and it is always fascinating to see what influence that has on the styles.

Maybe because the weather is turning wintery, but I was especially interested in the coats they had on display. I took pictures of some of the garments I was most interested in.

1920's Beaver Trim Coat

1920’s Beaver Trim Coat

I really like long coats right now, and liked the contrast of the fur trim.

1920's Styles

1920’s Styles

The dresses from the 20’s are very nice as well.

1930's dresses

1930’s dresses

I liked the dresses from the 30’s, I would wear one like the gray dress, which is by Jean Patou.

1940's Mink trimmed coat and suit

1940’s Mink trimmed coat and suit

The coat from the 1940’s featured a fur trim as well, and I thought the shape of the coat was interesting but the design could have held up without the fur.

1950's Christian Dior dress and peignoir set by Elsa Schiaparelli

1950’s Christian Dior dress and peignoir set by Elsa Schiaparelli

The 1950’s styles feel very feminine.

1960's Pierre Cardin suit

1960’s Pierre Cardin suit

The bright color of this suit makes it more fun than just a conservative suit, and the stitch detailing adds interest to the solid color.

1960's André Courrèges mini jumper

1960’s André Courrèges mini jumper

This ultra mini jumper could only be from the 60’s.

1960's Pantsuit

1960’s Pantsuit

This black and red pantsuit was very striking with the print.

1970's Emilio Pucci dress

1970’s Emilio Pucci dress

Another striking print is on the Pucci dress. I liked the colors used in this print,I would definitely have something like that in my closet if I could.


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